Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Tuesday 15th March 2011

A sunny day, the car at my disposal and thoughts of some of fantastic Adder sightings posted recently by fellow bloggers The Tortoise Man and Greenie had me thinking I might go looking for reptiles at lunchtime.  I've been off patch quite a lot recently but as Paul's (The Tortoise Man) patch abuts mine it seemed silly not to take a lunchtime trespass to see what was about.  Fifteen minutes in and with a bank of fog developing I'd only managed to find Blue, Great and Coal Tits - no snakes!  However salvation came in the shape of a Paul, crounching, camera poised at the edge of a wooded path.  He was locked onto a Lizard, his second of the day - and told me he'd also just seen an Adder.  

Selfless to the last he not only retraced his steps and relocated the Adder for me but also pulled a magnificent-looking Grass Snake out the bag (metaphorically of course!).  Excellent finds Paul, and great to catch up with you at long last.

Walking back to the car a pair of Nuthatches flitted and called in the tree tops, but a scan of some promising looking paddocks failed to turn up any migrants, but I know they're on their way ;-)


Ken. said...

Hi Adam
Great to see some reptile photo's. I must try to see some adders myself this year

Paul said...

Hi Adam, great looking photos there mate, they remind me of mine :) It was indeed a pleasure to meet you too, and i was only to glad to point you in the direction of those wonderful reptiles. Both the Adder and the Common Lizard were expected, but what a stroke of luck to stumble onto that cracking Grass Snake. I really had not planned to visit that site today, it was a last minute thought, so it was "luck all round" i guess, cheers.

Greenie said...

Adam ,
Great reptile shots , and no arrows either !
You've beaten me to the first Grass Snake of the year , well done .

Greg said...

Nice photos! Not seen any reps yet this year, though was pleased to see my first Water Vole this morning.

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Adam, somehow I missed this post, great shots and nice to see all those reptiles in one visit, excellent.

Tim James said...

The Grass Snake image in particular is wonderful. Those colours are amazing. Great find, great shot.