Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Tuesday 8th March 2011

A hard frost carpeted Barming this morning but quickly melted away as the sun rose.  My walk in to work yielded 30 species including previously 'hard-to-get' species Nuthatch and Goldcrest in the oaks near the allotments off North Street.  Five LBB Gulls mingled with BH, Common, Herring and Common Gulls on Gallagher's pasture opposite the underpass.  Redwing, conspicuous by their absence in recent days made a reappearance, along with a smattering of Fieldfare in the orchards alongside the Tonbridge Rd, Barming.
Exotic-looking tree blossom (species unknown?)

At lunchtime the wind had changed to a SW and although breezy it felt warmer.  A shrub and tree on the research land were in full blossom, the later was 'humming' with bees.  I wandered over to Ditton Quarry which was fairly quiet apart from a Kestrel (with lots of it's pellets scattered around), Goldcrest and a few charms of Goldfinches.  

Kestrel pellets

Smooth Newt was found under a refugia.

Smooth Newt

Most unusual find of the day had to go to this:

...a 34D bra hanger, in bright pink....wonder what the story behind that was...or perhaps I don't!  Amazing what gets discarded in the most unlikely of places, needless to say I didn't see the person who had discarded it.


Alan Pavey said...

Hi Adam, nice bright blossom pic. sorry I can't help with the ID. Thanks for the Saturn info, that sounds easy enough, it was a little cloudy last night so I'll keep an eye on the weather.

Marc Heath said...

A nice photo. Certainly would have been a pair of Blue Tits walking around like that!

Greenie said...

Adam ,
Can't place the shrub in flower , but the tree flower has the look of a female flower of an Alder species , but I wouldn't put money on it .
As to the hanger , I was hoping to to upgrade Marc's Blue Tits to Great Tits , but Carol tells me that 34D is 'about average' , so I guess Marc has it with the Blue ones .

Warren Baker said...

No Tit jokes from me Adam........maybe a Redbreast one though :-)

Glad you've got regular Nuthatch now mate

Adam said...

Greenie - glad my blog post prompted you to hold a conversation about Bra sizes - we've all learnt been educated(is that really average??!) Marc I agree that the cold would have had an effect but at least I was safe in the knowledge they weren't Penduline Tits!