Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Wednesday 2nd March 2011

After spending the end of last week and the weekend adding roving records from nearby Atlas squares it was nice to be back on patch.  I'd borrowed a colleagues camera and gone for a wander without my bins - fatal!  I decided to check out an area of set-aside at the back of the strawberry tunnels.  Despite it's industrial appearance this area has been quite productive over the winter with Linnets, Meadow pipits and Skylarks all in evidence.  I wasn't disappointed today with a flock of 50+ Linnets and 7x Skylarks.

Linnets on the move

A large raptor caught me off guard as it drifted above me, I thought it was a Buzzard but without my bins couldn't be sure so had to resort to firing off some shots with an unfamiliar camera!  The shot below confirmed it was a Common Buzzard which as the name suggests are becoming noticeably common on my patch!

Checking out the Miscanthus plot I was pleased to see 9x Reed Bunting still around.  Three cock Pheasants strutting their stuff added some colour to an otherwise gloomy day.

Still without a bike I walked home, taking in the huge tangerine sun and my old mate the Little Owl who put a bit of a display on for me (see video here) and even gave me a wink at the end of this one.


Alan Pavey said...

Hi Adam,

That sounds like a nice return to the patch, nice Little Owl shot.

Warren Baker said...

Good to hear about all those Linnets Adam, did you enjoy the camera ?

Paul said...

Hi Adam, very nice shot of that Little owl, and the video was just great.

Mike H said...

Hi Adam,,
Another great account of your patch and the Little Owl video is a hoot...