Saturday, 10 December 2011

Saturday 10th December 2011

Nearly a month since my last post - life seems to get busier and busier!  I'll try and get some posts backdated - the only real highlight on patch was a Raven, NW over Barming Bridge on the afternoon of Sunday 27th November.

This morning started well - a crisp morning, graced by this immaculate steam engine passing through Barming (35017 Belgian Marine).

I had hoped to get up to Sheppey this afternoon, but circumstances conspired against me, so I stayed local (ish) and made a long overview visit to Burham Marshes.  All fairly quiet on the bird front until this Raven flapped lazily by!  There were a supporting cast of Redshank, Teal, Little Grebe and Lapwing but not much else.  The late afternoon light was fantastic and it was good to spend the rest of afternoon of a couple of fellow birders (Les Foster and other half and springer spaniel!).


Derek Faulkner said...

Adam, so you finally never did make it over here to Sheppey, never mind, you certainly wouldn't of had a marvel like the Raven here.
Did you get confirmation of the one at the hospital?

Adam said...

Hi Derek

Thanks for the update for Sheppey but I didn't get the car back until and hour after I should have set off! Shames as it was such a crisp winters day.

I saw Geoff's post on the Forum - and having seen a Raven not a mile away 10 days before then I suspect we have one in the vicinity - getting like Buzzards!


Derek Faulkner said...

Ravens are still to be recorded on Sheppey yet, so they're not quite everywhere.

Paul said...

Nice train Adam, and also a very nice local Raven sighting.
If you get a chance mate, call in on Clare Park lake, because a Kingfisher is showing really well there. I haven't visited the lake for some time now, but this last week i did, and both times i watched/photographed the Kingfisher. Also saw, what looked like a pair of Gadwall too, cheers Paul.

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Adam, good to see you at the Blackpoll site the other week shame the outcome wasn't different. Well done with the Raven great local bird.