Thursday, 20 September 2012

Thursday 20th September 2012

A quick round up from the last few days:

Thursday 20th Sept

30+ Meadow Pipits, 12x Skylarks and assortment of Linnets and Goldfinches on the pasture N of Easterfields, East Malling at lunchtime, occasionally flying up to the telegraph wires.

Wednesday 19th Sept

A distant Wheatear and 2+ Meadow Pipits in the Sweets Lane Paddocks, East Malling.

Tuesday 18th Sept

A possible White Wagtail in the Sweets Lane Paddocks, East Malling (right-hand bird in above photo - double click to enlarge).  I've not seen one of these for a number of years now so I'd be happy to hear views on its ID.  It was distant, but looked very neat and smart compared to the Pied Wags nearby and with an obviously pale grey mantle.  I didn't get to see the rump unfortunately.  The grey on the flanks is the only thing that sways be away from White towards Pied for me.  It would be a new patch tick if anyone could confirm the ID!

A good day for Red Admirals with 19 seen on a short ride (1.5 mile) around the back roads of East Malling.


A quick visit to the Sweets Lane Paddocks with Mike Easterbrook looking for Yellow Wags.  No luck but a Wheatear and Little Owl both put in an appearance.  A cracking September sunset this evening over Barming.

Sunday 16th Sept

An early start off patch for Baillon's Crake at RSPB Rainham, and back before the kids were up!  A Comma butterfly took a shine to my oldest lad.


Warren Baker said...

Difficult to say about the White/Pied Wag Adam :-( I dont think they are a full species yet anyway, so you cant tick it mate :-)

Alan Pavey said...

Nice selection Adam, that sky is superb :-)

Adam said...

Cheers Warren/Alan

Just glad to get back out and about and find some nice stuff for patch. Species or not the White Wagtail would be a new find for patch. Wonder what the weekend will bring in??!!