Saturday, 8 December 2012

Saturday 8th December 2012

They've landed in East Malling, but not this one - this was taken this afternoon off patch in Tovil.

Winter thrush numbers have been building up very quickly on the research station over the last week, with a big influx of Redwings in the last few days in particular.  It was inevitable that a Waxwing or two would turn up, and as predicted eight turned up yesterday (Friday), perched up briefly in the tree right opposite my office window....unfortunately I wasn't there to see them!  But thanks to the Bald Birder for letting me know about it!  Also are a few Lesser Redpolls about this week, with one on the wires over the orchards on the Research Station mid-week, and 4+ more, seen with 5+ Siskin in Ditton Court Quarry on Wednesday.  Waxwings - well I checked late today for them in East Malling but I couldn't locate any, I'll give the orchards a good scour next week, but in the meantime I was pleased to see 27 of these Scandinavian beauties in a more typical haunt this afternoon, between Tesco and Lidl car parks in Tovil...almost makes you want to ask for a Sorbus hupehensis 'Pink Pagoda' tree for Christmas!  I do wonder if they favour lighter-coloured berries, this isn't the first time I've seen them feeding on pink/white berries in preference to bountiful clusters of orange and red berries nearby.

Large numbers of Fieldfare and Redwing have arrived in the orchards on the East Malling Research Station - this snatched shot (through a windbreak) was of c.150 Fieldfares sitting on the wires.  Imagine how many more are feeding on the ground/trees in the other 20 or so orchards in the area!  No wonder pinning down those Waxwings has been so difficult!

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Ken. said...

Nice to hear that the Waxwings have arived in your area, that 27 was a good find, they certainly are popping up all over the place. There is no shortage of food for them at your work place