Thursday, 13 December 2012

Thursday 13th December 2012

Two very distant Waxwings!

I managed to get on the East Malling Research site for sunrise but only had 20 minutes to see what was about.  No Waxwings unfortunately, but a couple of flocks (60+ in total) of Lapwings over south, and then unexpectedly 2x Raven, playing in flight east.

A quick sortie at lunchtime found five Waxwings feeding, distantly, on apples in the orchard behind (east) of the churchyard.  I pointed these out to a visiting birder from East Peckham (sorry didn't catch your name) who must have got some cracking shots of two birds feeding on some apples (I didn't have my camera with me at this point!).  More Lapwings were found sitting out in newly ploughed ground with Common and Black-headed Gulls and an Egret (that looked too big for a Little!) flew east mid-afternoon

Birding today totalled 30 minutes, so not a bad day at all!

Also interesting to read this evening that Alan Woodcock had relocated some of the Waxwings in Ditton Court Quarry today.


Marc Heath said...

Proof you don't need ages to get some quality birding time in.

Lisa said...

I'm a novice bird watcher living in Allington so I'm enjoying reading your blog to find out what is in the area to see. I was thinking of cycling over to the research station - if I did, is there somewhere on site where it would be Ok to chain up a bike?

Adam said...

Hi Lisa

Thanks for your comments. Its a fairly easy ride across the to research from Allington (albeit muddy in places at this time of the year!). There are various fences, drain pipes, etc. in various places around the site so I'm sure you could chain a bike up somewhere if it wasn't left anywhere that would get in the way. There is a proper bike shed that I could show you if you email ( me in advance, and I'm around! Today was very quiet, but if you visit around this time of the year you should get Fieldfare, Redwing, Greenwoodpecker, possibly Sparrowhawk and may be even Waxwing! Incidentally there were some Waxwings in Allington Way yesterday! Let me know how you get on if you visit. Adam