Monday, 21 January 2013

Monday 21st January 2013

With snow on the ground and a walk rather a cycle into work, I didn't try for the Hawfinches today (I think we all need a break!), but instead posted a picture of St Margaret's church where the birds are residing.  The  first birds of the day were a couple of Black-headed Gulls sitting out on a snow-laden roof.

The byway alongside Oaken Wood was a real winter wonderland, and held 15x Yellowhammers along with small groups of Blue and Great Tits.

At work on the Research Station, East Malling, 14x Lapwings were seen flapping over south-west and some discarded crates of apples was the site of a Fieldfare feeding frenzy.

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Warren Baker said...

Hi Adam,
If those apples are going begging, any chance of bringing me a bag over ? Ive run out, and the wife keeps telling me off for putting out our eaters !