Thursday, 17 January 2013

Thursday 17th January 2013

What a cracker of day - sunshine and shadows, all things that have been sorely missed over the last three weeks.  Three Hawfinches were in St Margaret's churchyard this morning, favouring the cherry and ash trees on the southern perimeter of the churchyard.  A Song Thrush was also hopping around.

At lunchtime I grasped the opportunity for a short visit to Ditton Court Quarry.  I had hoped that I'd stumble up the 50+ Waxwings that had been seen briefly on the research station on Monday, but instead I was rewarded with my first Redpolls of the year, 8 or so Lessers suspended from the alders cones.  A pair of Bullfinch looked very dapper in the winter sun, a couple of Song Thrushes hopped around, all watched over by a Kestrel.


Mike H said...

Hi Adam,

Managed to pop out today and arrived at the church at about 1.30pm ,quite a crowd had gathered. Sparrhawk circled high ove the church tower. A fieldfare shot though and the usual Song thrush ,wren dunnock and countless Robins all performed well.

Eventually a lone Hawfinch just appeared in the tallest of the usual trees at around 2.45 and disappeared within a minute back over the Oak and did not reappear as the sun set.

Greenie said...

Adam ,
Have tried twice more since seeing you . The first , a Hawfinch flew off as I arrived , the second no sightings for me or other birder , on electic scooter ,who had been there one and a half hours and made several previous visits .
You sure you don't keep the birds in a box and fly them on site ?

Adam said...

Hi Fellas

Sorry to hear they've been so elusive - guess I must just be wearing the right aftershave! I'm mostly checking at first light before cycling off to work and have regularly seen one or more at this time. Sometimes they're just sat up in the cherries on the southern perimeter - so don't concentrate all efforts on the main ash tree. I'm in conversation with churchwardens to get some feeders up which may (or may not) offer better opportunities with these birds.


Phil said...

Hi Adam
Tried three times this week to find the Hawfinches but to no avail. First visit was monday morning, unfortunately there were a couple of men working on the steeple would you believe! So not much chance then. Went twice more yesterday (thursday) am and pm but desite several sets of eyes we didn't get lucky. No time until next week now, fingers crossed for then.

Adam said...

Sorry to hear that Phil - I must just be being lucky! Frustrating I know, but they are around, don't give up.


Alan Pavey said...

Love the pic through 'v' Adam :-)