Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Tuesday 30th January 2013

 Yew shoots littering the ground - plucked off by Hawfinches?  Give it another month and the churchyard will probably look something like this:

Two Hawfinches still present in St Margarets, and I was pleased to see that a Red Kite was also reported over (per Colin Mount).  The Treecreeper that was seen on a couple of opccasions over the weekend still eludes me - I can now look all those folk who have missed the Hawfinches recently in the eye and say, "I know what it's like"!  Anyway, at the risk of boring you all a couple of snaps from yesterday morning (in the wind and rain):


Ken. said...

I really like the photo of the church, it makes a nice change from wildlife shots.
Good to see that the Hawfinches are still about.
I was wondering it you could give me some idea where the Hawfinch's are hanging out.
Nice light on the photo's taken the day before.

Adam said...

Hi ken

Its a bit pop luck with the Hawfinches but I'm usually lucky when I visit the churchyard early morning (08:00-08:30). The churchyard is quite small not to onerous, but they can be amazingly elusive, probably perching up in the various yews in the church unless you're lucky. When they're out and about then they favour the large ash tree or the cherries and ash trees at the southern perimeter of the churchyard. They can sit in these ant not move a muscle for ages so can be difficult to spot if behind the dense branches. Best to scan the tops of all the trees on arrival, they sometimes sit out with the flock of greenfinches. The church itself is down Church Lane, off South Street Barming. There's a car park next to the churchyard and some of the trees can be viewed from here.

Best of luck if you go for them - mornings usually better, but have patience!


Graham said...


2 Hawfinches in the Ash tree around 15:00, also saw the elusive Tree Creeper, and a Great Spotted Woodpecker along with the usual suspects

Adam said...

Thanks for the update Ken........grrrrr.....I think I'm the only one not to see that Treecreeper, gripped off on my own patch!


Anonymous said...

Is that Jacobs?