Monday, 29 April 2013

Monday 29th April 2013

3x Wheatear (2m, 1f) ...

...and 1x Bald Birder on the Research Station, East Malling today.


Greenie said...

Adam ,
Very nice male Wheatear .
Looks like he's cheering a 6-1 win !

Warren Baker said...

Had pair of Wheatears here for four days now Adam, unusual for them to stay more than a day.

Adam said...

Thanks fellas

Yes the Villa Victory was the topping on the cake - still a chance we may stay up but whether we'll still have Benteke in the team is another matter!

Hi Waren - yes these are the longest staying I've ever had on patch, 1 bird still present today. Perhaps those northerlies are holding them with us!

Ken. said...

3 Wheatears on your patch is a good find.