Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Wednesday 17th April 2013

A few interesting things have dropped in on patch in the last couple of days:

A blurred White Wagtail on one of the East Malling paddocks

Meadow Pipit; one of three birds seen today

Princess Anne......

....who kindly planted a 'Waxwing' tree right opposite my office window, which was nice.

Even the Bald Birder joined the 'twitch', the 2nd record for him on patch (1st record for East Malling was in 1988), although something in the distant windbreak seemed to distract him!

Also first House Martins of the year over the research station today.


Greenie said...

Adam ,
Can't think what it is , but there seems to be something missing from this post !

Adam said...

Yeh, the arrows (and Hawfinches) finally seemed to have moved on!


Warren Baker said...

Not so sure that's a white Wag Adam, but then what do I know :-)

I normally stick my finger up at the annoying low flying helicopters over my patch - maybe I should think twice now ..........Na!

Ken. said...

Well done with the Wagtail. I concur that in my opinion it is a White(alba, contintal race.) The black bib,cleaner flanks and light grey back.