Friday, 9 August 2013

Ruddy things

Ruddy Darter? Black-bordered, yellow pterostigma had me thinking Red-veined...but seems to be lacking 'red veins'!  Any comments?


Mike H said...

Adam, possibly just the light on the psterostigma. The eyes would be red above and blue below on a Red veined.Not that I have ever seen one !!

Greenie said...

Adam ,
Was beginning to think you had 'fallen off your perch' , so it's good to know you haven't .
Re. your Darter , would have to agree with Mike , the eyes have it . Keep looking though , several migrant species have drifted over recently .
I'll tear up the card and send the wreath back now .

Warren Baker said...

Like Greenie,
I'm glad to see you are alive and kicking still Adam :-)

Adam said...

Yeh still in the land of the living, but working flat out so not many opportunities to get out and about unfortunately.

Thanks for comments - I'll be looking for ol' blue eyes next time then.