Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas 2013

It's all be fairly quiet on patch since October, but Christmas Day morning turned up a bonus in the form of a Kingfisher.  It was sitting on the washing line in my back garden, a new one for the garden list.  I knew it wouldn't linger, so instead of rushing for the camera, I simply enjoyed watching this rare visitor to my garden.  Sure enough, within seconds, it darted off, a flash of electric blue into the field maples that in previous winters have harbored Hawfinches.  Now to get a Kingfisher at the top end of South Street, Barming is a sure sign that all was not well down on the River Medway where it would normally choose to feed.  So with presents opened and a hearty breakfast consumed I strolled off towards East Farleigh.  The 'Road Closed' sign on Farleigh Lane didn't bode well, and on reaching the level crossing at East Farleigh station I realised that this was major flooding, the worst I'd seen in the 16 years I'd lived near the river.

One of the first sights that greeted me was a tumbling mass of debris, being tossed and turned in the turbulent current, and amongst it all was a life belt which had proved to be a life-saving aid to a Field Vole!  The rest of the scene was a complete mess, with cars submerged, boats cast against the medieval bridge and number of poor souls being plucked from the park homes and barges by the Fire Brigade and Coastguard.  A check on Teston and Barming Bridges later in the day presented an equally desperate scene.  I think the pictures tell the story:

 Boats and debris rammed against East Farleigh Bridge (26/12)

 South end of East Farleigh Bridge (taken from the bridge) - village cut in half

 Stranded cars (26/12), these were totally submerged on 25/12

 Boats pushed against East Farleigh Bridge (26/12)

South Street Railway Bridge, Barming Bridge submerged (26/12)

 Submerged car, Teston Bridge (25/12)

North end of East Farleigh Bridge (25/12). Lock in background totally submerged.


Greenie said...

Adam ,
Firstly , well done with the Kingfisher .
As for the poor people involved in the floods , just hope they can return to normal as soon as possible .
Have been waiting for news of your Hawfinches , but not forthcoming this year , maybe next .
Stay dry and best wishes for the New Year .

Warren Baker said...

Kingfisher for the garden list! Excellent record Adam :-)

Let me know if the Hawfinch's turn up, send me text or something :-)