Monday, 22 September 2014

Monday 22nd September 2014

Revitalised by the migrant birds that have been dropping down in Barming over the last week I ventured out at sunrise to Hall Place Farm.  With the mist hanging low in the valley a distant honking announced the arrival of the first of 110 Canada Geese to the stubble fields, west of the farm, where they have been feeding for the last couple of weeks.  Meadow Pipits were still very much in evidence, a few lifting from the field, giving their soft 'seep-seep' call which acted as encouragement for their skulking companions to join them.  Soon their was a sizeable flock of 120+ in the air, but no sooner had they appeared, than they were falling back into the stubble, invisible once again.  A small dole of eleven Stock Dove fed with a large flock of Wood Pigeons, with crows and rooks scattered across the fields. 

Back out to the same patch after work, this time the sun going down.  I was pleased to see a small bird boldly perched on a hedgerow next to a couple of Yellowhammers.  Silhouetted against the dying sun I presumed it was another Whinchat, but getting closer I could see it lacked the sharp smartness of a Whinchat, but revealed by it's 'dullness' to be a Stonechat.  A cracking bird to have on patch.  I managed a record shot, but it was fidgety. 

Further along the track one of the Oaken Wood Buzzards surveyed the valley in the vestiges of the Sun.


Warren Baker said...

Hmmmmm.....reckon we need an arrow for that Stonechat Adam :-)

Nice find though mate :-)

Adam said...

The arrows will return soon Warren!