Friday, 25 May 2007

Friday 25th May

It was upsetting to find a Field Mouse drowned in a water-filled bowl in the garden this morning - obviously wanted a drink in the recent hot weather and couldn't get back out. Things didn't get any better on my walk into work - I found another colony of Harlequin Ladybirds on the Sweet Chesnut coppice near the Duet Tree. They seem to be everywhere at the moment. Blackcap, ChiffChaff, Garden Warbler, Linnet and Goldfinch were all heard this morning and a both a Green and GS Woodpecker were seen in flight opposite Potts Bathroom Centre on Kiln Barn Lane. The Little Owl had also returned to the barn, swinging gently on the suspended light and staring intensley at me!

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Steve said...

Hi Adam,

Some great photos! steve