Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Tuesday 29th May

A sunny start to the day, but billowing rain clouds threatened for most of the day. A trip out to Kiln Barn Farm to see the Little Owl was successful, it flew out of the barn as we approached and alighted on a fence post before moving on to it's usual, distant tree where it 'frowned' disapprovingly. A large number of House Martins were sweeping across the sky and were joined by 2 Swifts. Suddenly a 'large Swift' darted through the middle of the flock and low across the field, the sun catching it's back to reveal a lovely slate-blue hue - a Hobby. It powered back into the sky and stooped, more reminiscient of a Peregrine. It herded the flock in the direction of the quarry and was eventually lost from sight. A first for my patch.

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Steve said...

Well done with the Hobby - I also like your cloud photos!