Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Wednesday 30th May

It drizzled most of the way into work, but I still managed 24 species. The only other thing of note was the rippled clouds that had formed above the downs.

The sun eventually made an appearance as I left work and the reported Squacco Heron at Thamesmead was making me twitch! After a bit of negotiating with Liz (I was supposed to be packing for going away tomorrow!) I set off for Thamesmead. I eventually found the scrape the Heron had been reported on and immediately saw the Squacco Heron strutting around on the scrape margin. It seemed quite happy and feeding voraciously. An absolutely fantastic bird, a lot smaller than I imagined. After about 15 minutes of watching the bird I decided to make a move back, and as I left the viewing platform I noticed a large bird gliding into the marsh area quite a distance off (in front of 2 pylons). I got my bins on it and was surprised to see it was a Purple Heron!

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