Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Tuesday 14th August

After the excitement of the Sharp-tailed Sandpiper at Oare on Friday, I settled back to 'normal' life. Interestingly I spoke again to the Polish farm worker who had seen the Merlin last week and he told me it was still present later in the evening of the 9th, sitting on a fence post in the apple orchard adjacent to the entrance road to the research station. In perfect conditions he was able to see it was a male, but unfortunately it had flown by the time he returned with his camera and scope!

Clearing up in my back garden in Barming at the weekend I found a Common Newt curled up in the hole of a discarded air brick, the first I've found here.

Unfortunately my camera's on the blink, hence no decent photos recently.

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Steve said...

Fantastic to hear about the Merlin...just shows you that anything can turn up anywhere...just keep your eyes open!