Monday, 15 October 2007

Monday 15th October

A half-hour walk around Ditton Quarry was fairly quiet, despite the fantastic autumn sunshine. A Bullfinch flock were heard calling as theyworked through the shrubs at the south end, adjacent to research centre land, although only a striking male was seen. A small flock of 10 Linnets were found feeding on Buddleia flowers in the same area. Both Green and Great Spotted Woodpecker were see, making it all 3 species in 2 days! A few Echium and Scabious flowers remained, starkingly blue compared to the surronding orange, red and yellow hues of autumn. Butterflies made the most of the warmth, with a single Common Blue and white spp., and 4x Red Admiral seen.

A flock of 32 Mistle Thrushes was seen to roost on the mobile phone mast by Egham Shed as I left work at 17:30 this evening.

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