Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Tuesday 16th October

A fairly bleak day was brightened up by the appearance of a pair of Black Redstarts on the East Malling Research Station site. A phone call from a colleague at 11:30 had me looking out of his window onto the ridge of the Farm Office building where both a male and female were hopping around. In Redstart style they flitted nervously around, occasionally dropping down to the shrubbery around the staff car park. As much as I'd have liked to watch them I had to get back to doing some work! When I finally managed to get out of the office for lunch at 12:30, the male had disappeared, but the female continued to move along the main EMB building roof, occasionally dropping into the guttering or turning over moss in search of food. She was joined on occasions by the 2x Pied Wagtails who normally frequent this elevated spot. A search of the remaining site building roofs failed to turn up the male, although a Red Admiral was seen during a short spell of sunshine. Unfortunately I've not managed to get a photo - lets hope one or both are still around tomorrow.

The female Black Redstart was still present at 18:00 when I left work, appearing to roost in one of the chimney pots on the EMB building. Lets hope she's still there tomorrow.


Simon said...

That's good news to hear you've seen Black Redstart at the Research Station. My fingers are crossed for you getting a photo tomorrow!


Adam said...

Cheers Simon

As far as I'm aware this is the first recorded sighting of Black Redstart at East Malling which has a species list of 130+, so it's quite a result! I've yet to check with Jim Flegg to see if there were any records pre-1960!