Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Tuesday 30th October

A noticeable movement of birds moving south over Barming this morning, including the first decent flock of Fieldfares (60) of the autumn and a large flock of Lapwings (92) .
Not much out of the ordinary on the Research Station site at lunchtime - 20+ Fieldfares, 1x Redwing, 5x Meadow Pipit. There was a report of 2x Jackdaws at Bradbourne House, a scarce bird for site this site, although I suspect, based on the observer's previous records, it could have been 2 bin liners blowing in the wind!


Warren Baker said...

Lapwings! Fieldfares! all I got was Woodpigens!!!!!

Simon said...

Blimey! 92 Lapwings! They are a bird I am yet to see in or over the Park. So even just 1 single bird will make me a happy chappy.

I am also yet to have Fielfares both in or out of the park this year.

Steve said...

92 Lawings is a good number anywhere inland these days!