Thursday, 1 November 2007

Thursday 1st November

A call from Ross informed that there were three strangers in the flock of geese at Bradbourne Lake, East Malling. 3x Barnacle Geese were found amongst the 100+ Canada Geese that frequent the lake and surronding fields. An added bonus was my first Ring-necked Parakeet on site, seen flying over the lake as I photographed the geese, being mobbed by a crow. Two new site birds in one day!


Steve said...

These RNPs seem to be getting closer and closer. I work in south East London and see and hear literally hundreds everyday.

Steve of Kingsdown said...

It seems that the London flock are going to join up with the Thanet mob soon - is there an up-to-date map of sightings of these parakeets, I wonder?

The lack of trees around the Isle of Thanet has helped to keep the rest of East Kent largely parakeet-free, but recent reports indicate that they may be breaking out.

Simon said...

Nice to hear you've seen Barnacles in your area.

The parakeets are yet to reach Mote Park yet, but now that you've seen them where you are it appears they are not to far away!

On the BirdTrack website it says that in the past 2 years sightings of the RNPs have been within 10km of the Park!

Warren Baker said...

RNPs Have been recorded hear in Hadlow, even had one in the Garden.I first recorded one in April 2005 and another single in Dec of the same year. Also a pair flew over in Dec 2006, and July this year another single was seen.

Tony Morris said...

Only a couple of records of RNP'S from here, but when I lived in Crayford there were lots around.