Friday, 16 November 2007

Friday 16th November

After a bout of gastroenteritis it was actually nice to get back to work, although I've not had much of a chance to get out. A trip up and around Sheppey was very productive on Sunday (see KOS website NW sightings for details).

Today had the real feel of winter - most of the leaves have fallen a hard frost had much of the site sparkling white. I had an apointment with a falconer at 12:30 to look at control corvids next summer using falconry. We visited the Upper Grub site on the east side of the research station nearest Hermitage Lane. A Saker was flown, but there wasn't much for him to scare off, however we did eventually notice 2 crows high, mobbing a third bird (12:45). Luckily the falconer had a pair of bins with him and immediately announced it to be a Red Kite. I then checked, and yes it was fantastic Red Kite, drifting slowly west-north-west, high, but the clearly discernable as a kite. Eventually it was lost to view, but seemed to be following the path of the A20/M20.


Simon said...

Pleased your feeling better mate, and its great news to hear that you've had a Red Kite where you are.

Warren Baker said...

A good record for your site Adam. I had two singles over in may '06. but nothing since.

Steve said...

Nice one Adam....interesting what you say about following path of M20/A20 - I have had Red Kite in the past along these routes - at junction 4 and 3