Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Sunday 23rd December

I was left with the task of looking after 3 kids, all under-5, this afternoon. Fancying a bit of birding, rather than another 2hours of Thomas the Tank Engine, I ushered them into the car and set out to search for the 'fog-monster' on the mystical Isle of Sheppey. The fog was much in evidence on Elmley but no 'monster' was found-but it gave me a good chance to get in 2 good sightings of Short-eared Owls, Barn Owl (just off the entrance turn-off) and 3x Grey Patridge across the track! The fog descended quickly as dusk approached, and the gravestones leaning against the old derelict schoolhouse all added to the atmosphere - the kids enjoyed themselves, well until the nightmares at 2am the next morning!

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