Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Monday 14th July

I cycled into work this morning via Oaken Wood, Barming and was pleased to see a few butterflies in flight so early in the morning -1x Holly Blue and 2x White Admiral (at the location reported last week). The White Admirals were staying quite high up and I managed a shot of one through the leaf - maybe Mike Easterbrook could come up with a book of silhouettes of tree top-loving butterflies, it would take some of the strain out of identifying the hairstreaks and admirals and emperors at this time of the year! A quick scan of the cattle shed at Kiln Barn Farm showed up one the Little Owls looking rather dumpy as they do in silhouette. Not a bad start to the day.
Later, after work I visted West Farleigh and got a few glimpses of one of the Barn Owls in flight across the meadows by the church at around 21:00. A couple of Little Owls also flitted around. Three Glow-worms were seen in Oaken Wood as the sun finally died.

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