Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Sunday 13th July

I got up early today, but not early enough to catch up with the KOS walk at Cliffe. 09:00 saw me rushing along the track to the Black Barn to catch up with Gordon Allison et al. I'd already missed a Spotted Redshank and Ruff by the time I'd arrived, but saw the Knot with a little bit of help and a rather tame looking Water Vole alongside the 1st mound. The report of the rest of the walk appears elsewhere, suffice to say I was pleased to find an early Whinchat (sorry for poor photo) and good numbers of Marbled White. A Small Tortoiseshell landed on the back of Gordon Allison's pickup as he parked up by Cliffe Church, my second in as many days! Any clues on ID of the dragonfly anyone?

The kids were pretty bored later in the afternoon, as Sunday afternoons can tend to be a 4 and 18-month old, so I decided to play 'turn-over everything in the garden to see what lies beneath'. To my suprise we found a newt and Slow Worm (my first for the garden). I think we'll be playing this game again!

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Warren Baker said...

I can't tell the size of the Dragon fly from the photo Adam, but it looks like a female/imm. Common Darter.