Friday, 31 October 2008

Friday 31st October

A first in the garden (Barming) for me today - a male Yellowhammer visiting the seed fedder at the back of the garden. It attempted to take seed from the feeder, occasionally landing on the perches but sacred off more ofen than not by the House Sparrows.

Four Fieldfares at lunchtime were my first for East Malling Research this winter, and good to see 35+ Pied Wagtail on the newly ploughed land - start of a new roost?! A lovely clear end to the day, the windvane, depicting the famous Malling series rootstocks and their effect on tree growth, was perfectly silhouetted by the dying sun.


Warren Baker said...

I have only been visited by Yellowhammwers on 3 occasions, all singles. Usually dispersing young birds. Nice garden record.

Greenie said...

Adam ,
Nice one with the Yellowhammer in the garden . I had one today , but most definately not in my garden .

Simon said...

Well done with the Yellowhammer Adam - never had one in my garden. Yellowhammers breed just over a mile away from my house (and Mote Park), so hopefully one day I may get a visitor. Well done!