Thursday, 13 November 2008

Thursday 13th November

One Siskin became 10. Another quick sortie over Ditton Quarry at lunchtime saw a vocal and showy trembling of Siskin moving from Alder to Alder. They weren't associating with the Goldfinches, as the single Siskin of the last few days had been, so I can only assume they've only just moved to the site. There was also a noticeable increase in Fieldfares with a flock of +80 flying overhead, a glint of underwing silver catching what few rays of sunshine made it through the increasing cloudcover. A few paused briefly on some of the larger Field Maples. Bullfinches teased me again, but my preoccupation with the Siskins limited any photographic opportunities. Needless to say there was no sign of any Hawfinches and probably because of my limted time I didn't see manage to get any Lesser Redpoll today. This site was alive with birds, so it was rather depressing to have to leave after only 30 minutes. I sure a thorough search would have turned up a few more interesting things!

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