Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Wednesday 12th November

The weather had improved considerably since Monday, and the clear, cloudless night had left a light covering of first thing. I ventured out to Ditton Quarry at lunchtime, but again no sign of the Hawfinches despite a lot of branches now being exposed presumably from the leaf cover being blown away in Monday's gales. I quickly located the Siskin that has been associating with the charm of Goldfinches in the alders in the SW corner of the quarry site. 2x Lesser Redpoll flew overhead but couldn't be relocated. Good number of Chaffinches and Bullfinches were seen and heard, but despite my best efforts I still couldn't get a decent shot of one of the Bullfinches (see the best of my blurred efforts below). I will get a decent shot eventually! A flock of Long-tailed Tits was very active and a couple of Goldcrests followed them through the Hawthorns.


Warren Baker said...

Nice try Adam,
I don't think Bullfinch's are at there best yet anyway. wait till Jan.
PS I have put a few tips on garden feeding,under you comment, on my blog.
I used to have flocks of sparrows, but they are so wary of the sparrowhawk now, they feed elsewhere, only comming to my garden just before roosting, and then only in ones and two's.

Tom said...

Badluck with that bullfinch. I struggled a bit with my encounter yesterday too, but I managed a few shots: