Sunday, 14 December 2008

Sunday 14th December

Off patch yesterday to see the Night Heron fly away from as I approached the dam at West Hythe at 8am! Dylan, Phil and Marc were kind enough to show me photos of how well it was showing just prior to my arrival and despite a 8.5 mile walk along the canal in bloody awful conditions I didn't manage to relocate it. A lovely species to see, but not particularly satisfying views!

Today I was confined to home looking after the kids (while every hour and report was posted saying how well the Night Heron was showing!). My youngest had a cold so no chance of taking them out anywhere with me today so a garden watch it was - a small party of Long-tailed Tits visited the fat ball feeder for the first time and a GS Woodpecker showed interest. At 14:15 I noticed a bulky looking bird perched with Fieldfares in a Silver Birch at the north end of East Barming Parish Playing Fields. Hawfinch - what luck I'm having with this species this year. It dropped it's way along the field maples that back onto the South Street house gardens, feeding on the seed keys with a flock of Greenfinches and occasionally dropping down to the playing field, presumably feeding amongst the massed Fieldfares and Redwings. It was quite mobile but reappeared in the tree at the back of my house on 3 occasions over half-an-hour. A couple of dog walkers turned up and everything took flight......I'll be looking out for it tomorrow!


Ken said...

Hi Adam
Sorry you didn't get good views of the Heron. I too have dipped out on that one, and the green one. I hope to go and see it again tommorrow , 3rd time lucky. Knowing my luck it will be have buggered off somewhere else.
Good spot of the Hawfinch.Nice bit of garden watching.

Adam said...

Cheers Ken - I did see in flight...from behind....and distantly! If it loiters I may pop down again, I've got a day free Christmas week and may take in Dunge at the same time. I'm just hoping the Hawfinch will hang around. It's almost excatly the same time and location that I got a flock of Hawfinches in 2006...they became 7 and hung around until March of the following year. I'm keeping my eyes peeled!

Warren Baker said...

You Lucky, Lucky sod!!
I'd rather find a Hawfinch on my patch than go and see a night heron somewhere else. Well done to you!!

Steve said...

That Hawfinch Phermone on again Adam?

Last time I saw Night Heron was the one at Sevenoaks Wildfowl Reserve about 10 years ago - I remember that gave cracking views....always thought if one was there why not at New Hythe??!!