Friday, 23 January 2009

Friday 23rd January

Just to give Warren a break so he'll start reading my blog again I've included a non-Waxwing photo today - some Snowdrops in the churchyard at East Malling. It didn't feel like Spring, extremley wet and windy conditions but the Waxwings still showed well on and off. Twenty-three were seen between 12:35-13:10 in the tall trees at the east end of the churchyard. They fed on Mistletoe berries and apples in the genebank, affording good views even in the very poor light conditions. They were eventually spooked by a Sparrowhawk, and took flight north presumably towards Garner Drive, East Malling.

Feeding on apples in very windy conditions

Eventually feeding on the ground

All 23 Waxwings - in terrible light (sun just breaking through on the Downs in the distance)

Their favourite apples!

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Ken said...

Hi Adam.
I noticed the Snowdrops the other day when I was there. Nice photo by the way. I hope to come over there tomorrow to try to see the Waxwings. Thank's for your comment.