Thursday, 22 January 2009

Thursday 22nd January

18+ Waxwings in the oak tree south of Garner Drive, East Malling at 08:50 this morning with a few dropping down to feed on berries next to the footpath. This is a residential area so please respect residents privacy. At 08:55 they suddenly took flight, for no apparentreason, and flew south. I found them a couple of minutes later in theorchard at the back of East Malling church but they almost immediatelytook flight north again (presumably back to Garner Drive!). So they're still around but very flighty between these two locations! Managed a snap from the car window of 13 of the birds in one of the trees in the orchard as I drove into work.

Another look for Waxwings at 12:30 turned up 5 in the large trees at the eastern perimeter of the churchyard. They appeared to have discovered the large bunches of mistletoe and fed contently for 40 minutes or so.


Ken said...

Hi Adam. You certainly don't like sharing your Waxwings do you,haha.Nice shots of them again.

Adam said...

Hi Ken

Numbers seemed to drop off in last day or so and heard this morning that 5 have been seen in Sidcup. I always wondered if the East Malling birds were the flock see in Folkestone and they're just working their way up the M20! Got to enjoy them while they last - one day soon I'll be missing them!


Steve said...

I just hope they stay until the weekend when I can get to see them!