Monday, 12 January 2009

Monday 12th January

Slid into work at East Malling on the bike again today - this time on the mud through Barming Woods. A quick glance across to Gallagher's cattle fields just north of Kiln Barn Farm revealed 29x Black-headed Gulls and 41x Lapwings. Drizzle had set in by lunchtime so I took just a brief look for the Waxwings behind East Malling Church. Ross was already there and pointed a single Waxwing in a top the highest tree in the churchyard. It was too dull to get a photo and it quickly took flight, flying strongly north. However as it passed over the apple cordons north of the entrance track a group of 12 or so birds joined it - they all looked the same-more Waxwings???!!!! It maybe that there is a larger flock on site, and I'm looking in the wrong location - too wet today but I'll check the cordons tomorrow. Also some Brambling in the orchard behind the church.


Steve said...

Nice one it the Waxwing scent now?!?!

Blogger said...

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