Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Tuesday 13th January

Only 30 minutes or so to check for Waxwings on the East Malling Research site this lunchtime. I bumped into Phil Sharp and 2-3 others. Phil seems to have been turning interesting things at New Hythe of late so it was good to meet him. He picked out a female Sparrowhawk just as we arrived, but no Waxwings. A scan of the apple cordons north of the entrance track by the church showed up numerous winter thrushes. Just as we had given up the ghost and I made my way back to work, stopping briefly to watch the Sparrowhawk glide and flap over again, I spotted a solitary bird atop of one of the trees next to the public footpath...a Waxwing that quickly took flight and landed in another tree closer to orchard at the back of the church. We all got good views before it flew off strongly north. A single Brambling was also in the same tree. Interestingly 6x Waxwings had been reported late afternoon yesterday and 5x were reported around 10:30am this morning.

Later I had 30+ Lapwings in the field opposite Barnjet Priory, north of the A26 Tonbridge Road between Teston and East Barming.


twisden said...

Hi Adam,
was a bit starled by you appearing out of the fog*just as I was extolling your virtues to the birder chappie.Good to see you.You spur our photographer on to better things

(*visibility less than 1100 metres)

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