Monday, 19 January 2009

Monday 19th January

I was off work today having to look after my youngest while my wife went on a training course....well only off work until Ross rang to say he'd found 26x Waxwings in the orchard at the back of East Malling Church! I'd kind of written off seeing anymore Waxwings at the Research Station as they were a no show at the end of last week. As I bundled Harry into the car Ross rang again to say they'd flown north but that he'd relocated the flock feeding on some berries adjacent to path running alongside Garner Drive, East Malling. I went straight there and after 15 minutes managed to find one Waxwing distantly in an Oak tree near Bradbourne House. 20+ Siskin were feeding in the alders alongside the fence.
Bullfinch, Goldfinch, Chaffinch, Goldcrest, Great, Long-tailed and Blue Tits, Jay, Magpie and Starlings all put in appearances. I took a quick look at the churchyard on the way to pick up my eldest and disturbed 13x Waxwings which flew north landing in some apple cordons on the research station site. After picking up James from school I went back to East Malling and saw 20+ Waxwings in the orchard at the back of the church. When a tanker lorry went past they flew up into one of the trees on the churchyard perimeter, giving excellent views. All credit to Ross for rediscovering the flock.

20 of the Waxwings in one tree at 16:00

Camera shake starting to set in as it sinks in I've got 26x Waxwings on my local patch!

More of the same-hopefully better shots if they're around tomorrow

One last shot - we'll be checking for coloured rings tomorrow.


lee said...

Winter doesnt get much better, simply Awesome.

Steve said...


Warren Baker said...

Waxwings are just briliant birds, I just wish I had some orchards on my patch, or even some sort of berry bearing bushes. Well done Adam (and ross!)

Ken said...

Hi Adam.I envy you having so many Waxwings on your patch. Hopefully they might turn up in Halling, well done. I wil have to try to get out soon and maybe try to get over there and see them, if they hang around.

Steve said...

Hi Adam. So it's you that've got all the Waxwings. I only found 2 at Wierton. There were 12 a couple of days before.Nice Siskin photos.

Simon said...

Great Siskin shots.