Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Tuesday 20th January

Cycled into work, making a detour to the churchyard, East Malling to see if any Waxwings were still around. The light was terrible and it started to rain but in 5 minutes I located at least 15 Waxwings feeding on the apples.

No sign of the Waxwings while I was at the orchard at lunchtime (12:40-13:20), although all 26 had been seen earlier. A couple of Brambling were present. I was later contacted by both Tony Roulinson and then Ross to say the flock was feeding on the Viburnum berries in Garner Drive, East Malling early afternoon (13:30-14:30).


Ken said...

Hi Adam.
Thanks for all the updates concerning the Waxwings. called in there this afternoon to see them. Only saw 1 but I was still well happy.Keep it up

Warren Baker said...

Sending over the barn owl to snatch me one of your waxwings!!

Greenie said...

Adam ,
He had just started to calm down after the Hawfinch , then you ply him with Waxwings .
And I think he's low on tablets at the moment .

Adam said...

Just hope the King Eider doesn't decide to take dip on Bradbourne Lake-think that would push things over the edge! Seriously though I'd love to have seen some of the birds that visted Pittswood last year - never ending Autumn Whinchats, low flying Osprey and Firecrest to name a few. The Waxwings will make it down that way, I'd put money on Warren getting one before 2009 is out.


lee said...

Hello Adam,scare some Waxwing down to Whetstead can you,im not jealous honest, may be i will pop up to your patch at the weekend if they are still their.

Roger said...

Hi Adam

Thanks for highlighting the location of the waxwings.I only managed 19/20 in the trees at the back of the churchyard at 11.45 on Tuesday.Still not bad for a strictly amateur birdwatcher !!!

Roger the Walker