Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Tuesday 17th March

Another beautiful day but a bit chillier in the brsik easterly wind. Despite saying he'd never join me on patch again, Ross phoned at lunchtime to ask where I was. I think he's getting worried he's going to get gripped off on something soon. He joined me over Ditton Quarry just in time to see a Lesser Redpoll feeding in the alders and on the ground. We moved onto the ragstone rock face hoping for some butterflies, seeing a Comma, a couple of Common Lizards and a Bee-fly. Further on we discovered a sunny, sheltered nook and were rewarded with 2x Peacocks and 2x Commas. Ross, emualating a Heron stalking his prey but with less elegance, attempted to get some photos. I checked his blog 5 minutes ago and there's nothing posted so I guess they idn't turn out as expected!

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