Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Wednesday 18th March

Cycling into work I took a slightly different route around the edge Oaken Wood to avoid disturbing 2 of Gallagher's racehorces that were being riden up the bridlepath. A Chiffchaff called and was seen flitting through the coppice, but nothing else of note was seen.

Lunchtime was very warm and I decided to cycle back into Oaken Wood - it was about this time last year that my boss saw a Camberwell Beauty there while on an lunchtime run. It's been a few months since I last went through the wood itself and I was suprised how dry all the paths were. A number of new areas have been coppiced so will be worth checking for Tree Pipit and Nightjar in the summer. Butterflies were flying in good numbers and I totalled 12x Comma and 5x Peacock on my short ride. I also noticed numerous pieces of roofing felt laid down and then happened across a lady from the Kent Wildlife Trust who was carrying out a survey on lower plants for Gallaghers. She told me that apparently Tree Sparrows were present in the wood, but didn't know any other details - something I'll be following up! There seems to be quite an intense wildlife survey being carried out in the wood, I've noticed mammal boxes in some of the coppice as well - hopefully no a prelude to a possible extension of the quarry?! Another Chiffchaff was found near the underpass.

I rode home at dusk but was pleased to add Yellowhammer, Grey Heron (flying SE) and a GS Woodpecker drumming to the day list.


Ken Browne. said...

Hi Adam. Nice to see your Butterfly counts are on the increase. It would also be great if Tree Sparrows did show themselves at some stage. What I woulsn't give to see a Camberwell Beauty.

Warren Baker said...

Tree Sparrows, That would be good. Adam, there was an increase in monitoring wildlife on my patch - before the gas pipeline went through!!