Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Tuesday 3rd March

The field sandwiched between the A26 Tonbridge Road and St Margaret's Church, East Barming was being ploughed again as I passed at lunchtime. A huge flock of gulls had settled on the newly-turned soil, so I pulled into the 'burger van' lay-by and scanned the field. 150+ Black-headed Gulls and 2x Herring Gulls, with 20+ Skylarks hoping, chasing and ascending around and over their disturbed landscape. I was suprised not to find a Med Gull amongst the massed ranks, especially as good numbers have been seen locally. I'm sure with persistence, or luck, I'll manage one here this year.

On my return to work I got a call from my wife to say that a Little Egret was walking along the pavement on Mill Street, East Malling just east of The Rising Sun pub! She commented on it's very large, yellow feet! The watercress beds and millstream run close by but what it was expecting to find in the gutter I'm not quite sure.


Steve said...

The Egret was probably going to the pub. Maybe they had fish on the menu! Odd place to find one though.

Warren Baker said...

I always believe anything can turn up anywhere, but thats going a bit far!