Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Wednesday 4th March

I got caught up with work at lunchtime so no chance to go out to see what the rain and wind of last night had brought in or blown out. Still this is the opportunity to post a few photos I've taken over the last week. The first set are of the destruction of trees that's taking place on the East Malling site of late. The photo above shows the reminants of an apple orchard that only a month ago was a home to numerous Redwings and Fieldfares. These orchards are being grubbed because funding for much of the top fruit research at East Malling is drying up, and mantaining redudant plots is an expense that can't been borne. Luckily new orchards are being planted across the site for commercial production which should ensure the bird population isn't too badly affected. The photo below shows the removal of three pines at the front of Bradbourne House. I'm not sure why these have been felled, maybe they were unstable and their proximity to the Grade I listed house posed a threat. Felling on trees near the lake led to some damage to the 'Tawny Owl' tree and unfortunately the owl appears to have moved on.

I read Warren's blog today and he seems to be experiencing similar habit destruction on his patch ( On a more positive note the hedgerows along Gallagher's Gallop (the bridleway between Kiln Barn Road, Ditton and Noth Street, Barming) have been yielding lots of territorial birds, singing out their claim on . Dunnock, Wren, Great and Blue Tit, Yellowhammer, Chaffinch and Bullfinch have all graced me with their vocal performaces as I've past by in the last week. The buds of the hedge are full, ready to burst, just waiting for that prolonged period of warmth that is so temptingly close. But why they remain barren it's become easy to pick out the remanats of last year's breeding season. Nests litter the branches and boughs. I've included pictures of 3 below, any ideas what species they belong to?





Greenie said...

Adam ,
Sad to see the destruction of those trees that supported a great mixed flock over the Winter .
On your nests question , don't quote me , but my money would be on A-Chaffinch , C-Linnet , if not , other members of the Finch family . But B , which seems to be all one material , I have no idea at all , assuming it is the same size as the others .

Warren Baker said...

Hi Adam,
It makes me weep to see mature tree's felled, just on a whim of the owner.
As for the nests, I'd go for A)Dunnock. b) Blackbird depending on size! and c) Chaffinch

Adam said...

Thanks fellas, nice to see there's a divergence of views. Think I'll tag the side of the hedgerow and see what visits the nest during the breeding season - beer to the one get's closest!