Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Tuesday 11th August

The 'Discovery' harvest in the Barming orchards is now complete, only the windfalls remain and what's not taken for juicing will provide winter fodder for the Fieldfares - not that I was considering winter in today's 26.C heat!

On my way back home from work early this evening a lone House Martin dipped over the hedgerow and accelareted ahead of me. As I followed it racing into the distance I picked out a large flight of Swallows congregating around a young Oak. Some were on the wing but the majority were sitting in the uppermost branches. I rarely see Swallows other than on the wing or sitting out on a telegraph wires on this patch, and with wires so close I wasn't sure why these birds chose an Oak tree? There were 30+ birds, quite vocal, but seeming intent to roost.

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Warren Baker said...

The first blogger to mention ''winter''. You'll upset greenie you know!