Saturday, 15 August 2009

Saturday 15th August

Off patch late afternoon (and yesterday for Red-backed Shrike at Halling Common) - to a deserted Queendown Warren, nr Stockbury. I was hoping to get good views of some Blues, Silver-spotted Skippers and maybe Lady's Autumn Tresses. Much to my suprise (considering I had the kids with me) I scored on all three (better than Villa did against Wigan, doh!).

I didn't manage any decent shots as it was pretty windy, but James my eldest was fascinated when an Adonis Blue walked onto his finger (and then flew off!).

Good numbers of Chalkhill and Common Blues, 8+ Silver-spotted Skipper, a couple of Small Coppers and 5 colonies of Autumn Lady's Tresses.

Exciting the kids even more, just before their bedtim,e I took them down to Paddock Wood to watch 'Tornado' steam through. A Sparrowhawk drifted down Red Hill, Wateringbury as I waited at the traffic lights on my way back to Barming.
WARNING: Video starts off very loud with 'Tornado' whistle!


Warren Baker said...

Did you see the Shrike Adam ?

Adam said...

Hi Warren

Yep got to see it on Thursday and Friday lunchtimes - managed a couple of lunch hours for the first time in about 3 months and with Halling so close - well it'd be wrong not to. All credit to Ian Davidson who's picking things up from the other side of the river in Wouldham!