Thursday, 5 November 2009

Thursday 5th November

Only 20 minutes or so to check out the orchards at on the research station, East Malling. I quickly located increased numbers of Fieldfares - 27 feeding in a Bramley windfalls, not the orchard I usually get them in at this time of the year, but they seem more desirable than the the dessert apples for some reason! They were joined by a large flock of Chaffinches, 50+ but no sign of nay Bramblings amongst them...yet! There were good numbers of Woodpigeons on the ground, but few in the air, looks like I'm missing the 'big migration'.


Warren Baker said...

Bet you get Brambling before me Adam!

Greenie said...

Adam ,
Hope to get down again when they are feeding behind the church , to be seen from the footpath .
If you would be good enough to give us the nod again .