Friday, 11 December 2009

Friday 11th December

A misty and icy start to the morning, only managing to notch up 19 species on the way into work. I was pleased to see a small party of Bullfinches by Gallagher's Quarry, one bird kept hovering, something I've never seen Bullfinches before, showing off her white rump! Reminded me of the Hummingbird Hawkmoths we'd had in the summer.

Another posed, and any regular readers of this blog will know that I've never managed to get a decent photo of one, despite seeing them most days. Well this one is the best to date, although the mist thwarted me getting the perfect shot!
No sign of the Little Owl or Common Gulls this morning, although Gallagher's Gallop was being put to good use!
A number of people got back to me yesterday about yesterday's putative Mealy Redpoll, and all agreed that it looked good for this species, so thanks to all those who contacted me. I went searching for it today, managing just 20 minutes over Ditton Quarry. It was exceptionally quiet in terms of birds, but very busy in terms of dog walkers! I scoured the Alders in the SW corner of the quarry, located a charm of Goldfinches and then the Mealy Redpoll again. I got brief, distant views and managed a couple of poor record shots again. I didn't see any other Redpolls, the Mealy seemed to be hanging out with the Goldfinches!


Ken Browne. said...

Hi Adam.
A hovering Bullfinch isn't something you see every day, is it? Nice photo though. Also a good photo of the Mealy showing it's white wing bar.
Have a good weekend Adam

Tony Morris said...

Bullfinch is another elusive bird round here. They are around but they are very elusive, as for pictures, I've not managed one yet, but I've only been taking photos for 40 odd years!

The Bald Birder said...

Nice hovering Bullfinch Adam. Keep up the Ditton Quarry observations - loads of introduced Redpolls here, but no Mealies amongst them (so far, anyway)! Ross

Warren Baker said...

An excellent species to find Adam, well done mate!

Keep trying with the Bullfinch!!