Thursday, 10 December 2009

Thursday 10th December

Before work I managed a quick walk along the footpath from South Street across to Rectory Lane, Barming and up Glebe Lane and back to South Street. I was immediately taken by the numbers of Fieldfares - in the orchards alongside Rectory Lane I reckon there 500+, with Redwing, Goldfinches and Chaffinches (150+) amongst them (but again no Brambling!). There was also a large murmuration of Starlings, c250 individuals which to my great suprise contained TWO albinos! I've never seen a single albino Starling, let alone two!

Later I made my regular lunchtime visit to Ditton Quarry, as well as all the usual suspects I was pleased to relocate a small flock of Redpolls (x6). One individual immediately caught my eye, it looked paler than the other birds, and seemed to be lacking any of the 'buffish' colouration that the other birds were-could it be a Mealy? Coincidentally it was in the same Alder I had a Mealy last year, but I struggled to get to grips with this bird, and try as I might to get a view of it's rump it just wouldn't play ball. I managed some snaps before the flock got spooked by a Jay (of all things!) and flew off high south. I've posted loads of pics - any ideas?


Tony Morris said...

Looking at the undertail coverts it looks good for Common (presumably Mealy), rather than Lesser. In TR34 I've spent about 25 hours in the field in the last 9 days and had ONE Fieldfare and ONE Redwing, if you've got winter thrushes your lucky!

Linda said...

Hi Adam,
Walked down Rectory Lane yesterday and saw hundreds of Fieldfares spooked by a Sparrowhawk.A splendid sight against the setting sun. Also saw a beautiful green woodpecker sitting on top of one of the pollarded trees. I love your blog and check for it every day. I tread in your footsteps, but I'm never as lucky as you!