Saturday, 19 December 2009

Saturday 19th December

Looking after the kids again while my wife worked - the car was still stranded so over the back sledging again! Look at how a 6-year old reacts when you give him a sledge and a present him with a field full of snow (probably the same reaction Murray Wright experienced when he scoped The Swale on 16th September this year!).

Little in the way of birds, with the exception of 5x Dunnocks in the garden and a couple of squabbling Blackbirds. A pair of Grey Squirrels are systematically stripping the Field Maples in the playing fields of all their seed keys, so even if the Hawfinches turn up this winter there isn't going to be much for them to feed on. Oh, and the first icicles I've seen in years!


Linda Smith said...

At last, the redpolls are coming to our nyger feeder. We thought it would need a cold snap for them to venture out of the woods. Saw 3 today.

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