Sunday, 6 December 2009

Saturday 5th December

Only 10 minutes to check out the churchyard, St Margaret's, Barming mid-morning. A Kestrel hung in the air alongside the pylons by the A26. Only 3x Redwings feeding in the yews, along with a couple of hard chacking Blackbirds. A repetitive 'si-si-si' alerted be to an excitable volery of Long-tailed Tits. The lead bird flitted out of a yew and down into a heavily-scented Virburnum next to me. A cascade of small birds followed, including the remainder of Long-tailed Tit gang, a Blue Tit and Goldcrest. It really was quite an exotic mix of colours; vivid pink of the Viburnum flowers, set off against the subtle blues and yellows of the Blue Tit, blush pink of the Long-tailed Tits, the mossy green hue and contrasting yellow crown stripe of the Goldcrest. The party quickly worked through the twigs and branches of the shrub and moved on, with the exception of the Goldcrest which, although restless throughout (as they always are), lingered to check every bud and apex. Enticed by 'pishing' it moved onto the outer branches and for a moment looked at me with that 'amazed' look that the peppercorn eye of a Goldcrest gives you! By far away the best, and closest views, of a Goldcrest I've ever had.

The need for replacment bulbs for my Christmas lights (predictable event if there ever was one!) saw me visting the Quarrywood Industrial estate in Aylesford. I noticed a fenced off area alongside BHS, and peering through the fence saw a deep pool, run off from the industrial estate I expect. A pair of Little Grebe drifted around the perimter and a fox slouched nearby, oblivious to shopping frenzy that was taking place only yards away. Perusing the lighting section of BHS store (in desperation I might add), I had the delight of adding Mike Easterbrook (Kent county recorder - butterflies) to the day list....shame Wolves were winning!

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