Sunday, 28 February 2010

Sunday 28th February

Last day of the month and utterly depressing!  Heavy rain and winds for the first part of the day, having to go into work on a Sunday, getting drenched on the pelican crossing across the A26 at the top of my road in Barming (when will Kent Highways sort this out!), going shopping with the wife and kids in such gloom that even the street lights were on at 2pm and then watching my beloved Villa lost to Man Utd at Wembley....

....whatever Warren ( had last week is creeping this way! At least at work I heard a Skylark singing and a Yellowhammer calling when I unlocked the gates, and the Mallards and Heron seemed as happy as Larry today, I even managed a new garden tick with two Mallards over! Tomorrow's another day! 

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Warren Baker said...

Whatever I had last week has gone now Adam :-) A big dose of spring today saw to that.

Villa were cheated - but you have to accept that when you play man U.