Monday, 1 March 2010

Monday 1st March

What a difference a day makes - lovely blue skies and crisp frost, with some reminants of yesterday, frozen raindrops.  The River Medway had well and truly burst it's banks at the bottom of South Street.  Not a Coot, Moorhen or Kinfisher to be seen and no chnace of checking out for Snipes - the path was totally submerged.
Drawn out by the sunshine, I visited Bradbourne Lake, East Malling again at lunchtime, all the usual suspects, including Black-headed Gulls, no Meds yet although I see some have turned up in Mote Park ( ).  A couple of Pied Wagtails picked around the side of the lake and the Gadwall pair were skulking at the far end of the lake. 
I found another 'plastic bag' (Little Egret) feeding around the western edge of the lake - posed very well in the sun in it's nuptial plummage, occasionally tossing it's delicate plumes in the air as it groomed itself.


Simon said...

Nice frozen raindrops shot! Well done with the Little Egret - the Mote Park bird appears to have gone missing, I wonder if this is it?!

Greenie said...

Adam ,
Nice to see a proper Little Efret this time !
As I crossed the river on the A21 at Haysden , the whole area was a lake .

Phil said...

Hi Adam, nice pictures again, haven't seen egret for a while now.
My last memory of Bradbourne lake was aged about 6 or 7 it used to be full of Trout then.

Warren Baker said...

Much better Egrets Adam :-) Got quite near to it, normally they fly off off as soon as they see you.